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Here at Bridgewells we believe our clients should be well-informed about the basics of tax and accounting - especially so that they can avoid the pitfalls and penalties of business finances.

Our articles on the essentials of tax and accounting rules & regulations in the UK are always coupled with useful links to help you get more information once you know what you are looking for.

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Read the latest news and advice from Bridgewells. Please fell free to comment or get in touch if you want more information on any topic, Ron is always happy to help out.

Tax returns

Self-assessment tax return basics

Do you know when these are due and what penalties HMRC can apply to them? The rules for these have changed in the last couple of years significantly so if you are unsure, this article will help you understand the deadlines, the penalties involved for late or erroneous returns and point you in the right direction for more specific information.
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