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A good accountant is worth their weight in gold when it comes to dishing out advice, sympathy and keeping your tax liability to the bare minimum. Choosing one can be a lottery but, as our focus has always been the client first and foremost, we are proud to say that our present client base is 90% referral business.

According to our clients, we are not your typical accountants because we can laugh at a good joke. However, one thing we do take very seriously is your business and we are direct and to the point when offering our opinion on business matters.

Bridgewells accountancy and taxation services include:


Unlike a lot of practices, Bridgewells do not have an hourly rate that can lead to some nasty shocks when the invoice is presented. Instead, after an initial meeting when your requirements are discussed in full, we provide a fixed quote which lasts for the first year of our business relationship.

However, if any other requirements outwith that agreement raise their head during that year we can provide a quote for the additional work.

Remember, you will always be in control of costs and never get any unexpected surprises. This only leaves you the task of contacting us.

Accounting Software & Technical Support

We use the latest accounting software from Intuit® in-house and are also Pro Advisors for QuickBooks®. So, if you choose, you can do your own book-keeping throughout the year and let us do the rest at your year-end. We will provide basic training as part of your package.

If you prefer working online, we can help you set up an online account with Quickbooks. You can access your accounts at any time from any device with internet access. We can also access your accounts remotely through our account if you like, keeping you on track so that we can prepare the final accounts quickly thus reducing your overall costs.
Intuit Quickbooks certified ProAdvisor
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